On Tracy Foster… On the wrong kind of cancer… When business as usual kills… On a plea for help


Tracy Foster has the wrong kind of cancer and it is killing her. In Tennessee if you are a female and have either breast or cervical cancer you qualify for Medicaid and you qualify for life. Tracy has bladder cancer. Did you ever realize in this country there was such a thing as cancer of the wrong spot?

From Tracy….

Haven’t been feeling well at all..I’m hurting and sick to my stomach..My nerves is shot..I am goin back to Vanderbilt soon for scans to see how fast all this is progressing..Honestly,I don’t know how much more I can take right now.I never thought I would be fighting to live and begging to survive. I’m honestly sorry I have to share this and ask for help,but it’s my only means of getting anything I need..I feel like I’m stuck in a nightmare right now,and just wanna wake up not sick and hurting..Thank you all for your love and support and please share and keep praying that this soon is over..♡♡


I have written several times in this space about Tracy Foster. The picture above is of Tracy in Nashville at Speaker Harwell’s office. It was a day about so many politicians who see Insure Tennessee as so inconvenient and one simple request we made. Before you leave, before you brush us off stop. Just stop! Walk in our shoes. Speaker Harwell hid behind her office door. She didn’t want to listen but she had to hear. When we got too loud she tried to have the state troopers lock us out.

Tracy was there. Scared. Real scared. In a lot of pain. Tracy was there.

When will we have had enough? When? When will brutality and simple meanness cloaked in political excuses no longer be acceptable. If this is the normal way our legislators will act we either need a new normal or new legislators. There is no season on moral choices. It is time now.

Read the quote from Tracy again. Look again at her picture. Ask yourself again when is enough enough? What if it was you… Your wife…. Your mother…… Why does it have to be anyone?

Tracy’s insurance company is gofundme. She literally hates to beg. But in Tennessee she must beg for her life. I am glad to beg for her. She must travel over 100 miles to the doctors who have agreed to help her. I won’t die from lack of gas money. She might.

Please help. Even a dollar matters. Share this post with everyone you know. Keep her in your prayers.

Tell your legislator about Tracy and ask him why? There are way too many Tracy’s out there. Ask them why and ask them what if Tracy was their wife… their mother…. their friend? Tell them it is no longer okay with you.

I told someone online the other day I was from Tennessee. He told me he was sorry. I am so past being sorry. It is time for a better Tennessee.

Please if you can help Tracy. And do what you can to make sure that you, or someone you know, anyone…. anyone …. must walk the path she walks ever again.


One thought on “On Tracy Foster… On the wrong kind of cancer… When business as usual kills… On a plea for help”

  1. Reblogged this on Hopeworks Community and commented:

    This is an old post about Tracy. Tomorrow at 5 pm their is a spaghetti supper to raise money to help her get the procedure which might give her a chance to live a pain free life. Please help. Please. Even if the state legislature won’t it is time for us to care about our own.

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