On “good” people being kinder

Based on an earlier post

Someone once told me there were only two kinds of churches– those that were good and those that were kind. I hope that is not true, but I think maybe the same kind of thing might be said about people.

Many people live their life as a referundum on their goodness. They know the right things, belong to the right clubs, talk to the right people, care about the right things, think the right things, and have the right things. Their life is about fitting into the right places and showing that they are the right kind of people. The central question of their life is in or out. They do what they can to mark themselves as “in” and their primary concern with you is rather or not you are “in”or “out.” Their focus is on the 2 “j’s”– judgement and justification.

For the kind their primary question is up or down. What do you need and what can they do to help? You do not need to prove your value to them nor is their primary concern to prove their value to you. They know that life is about what we do with each other and not what circle we stand in. They may disagree strongly with you about the value of ideas, but they will have no disagreement about the value of people. They do not care for you because of your label, but often in spite of it.

There is a line in the Bible somewhere that talks about Jesus interaction with the sick and disabled. It says simply, “Jesus saw…..” The kind try to see us in spite of what we call ourselves or each other.

I read somewhere about a prayer a little girl said once. “Dear God please help the bad people to be better…. and God please help the good people to be kinder…” Well spoken.


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