The legitimization of evil… The Tennessee assault on LGBT people

Counselors In Tennessee Can Now Legally Refuse LGBT Patients –

Today Tennessee made a giant step towards the legitimization of evil in its mental health system. Governor Haslam made it legal today for counselors in Tennessee to refuse to provide treatment to people they have sincere and deeply principles against. The target of this law was the LGBT population in Tennessee.

It means that people who by training, commitment and the ethics of their profession are supposed to help people with the worst of personal problems and issues can now say those issues offend my sensibilities. People who are told they can trust their counselors with their most personal secrets are now told “… except your sexual orientation”. People who are told to be honest and open are now told “… well not too honest….”

In Tennessee counselors are now told you have the right to discriminate “as long as you are sincere.” Bigotry and hate are now expressions of sensitivity according to Tennessee law. There might be a word to describe the utter meanness of this law but it is past any word that comes to mind.

Point blank…. This law will not simply be a law that discriminates. It will be a law that kills, a law that results in the death and unnecessary suffering of hurting people. It is a law that attempts to legitimize evil.

With one signature Governor Haslam has put an asterisk next to the name of one whole group of people. He has said the unconditional personal regard that you may have thought of as due to you as the client of a professional counselor is highly conditional for you. He has said that the prejudice of any counselor is a legitimate determination of rather or not they will ever work with you. He has said that it is legitimate for counselors to regard a whole population as too dirty and too disgusting to work with.

According to research I have read one of the most common issues that people in the LGBT population most frequently seek help for has to deal with issues of suicidality. How long will it take before someone who sees a mental health system that defines his identity as to dirty to tolerate, someone who badly needs help decides he can’t trust the very system that is supposed to help and ends up dying? How long??

This law attacks the integrity and credibility of the mental health system. How can a “helping profession” tolerate the legitimization of hatred as a legitimate part of its operation? On a million different levels this is wrong.

Mental health makes strong claims to be founded on medical science. Are we next to say that doctors don’t have to deal with heart attacks or other chronic diseases if the identity or life style of a patient offends them? When do you draw the line?

What happens when somebody says he has deeply and sincerely held personal principles about race. This law would really make no distinction. Once licensed hate knows no boundaries, no limits.

This law is so bad. It really legitimized evil. Add your voice today to others already speaking out. Make your voice count. Silence will make all of this so real.


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