What matters…

What if there was only one political question….. what matters?

And what if all the politicians who believe that nothing mattered other than them would start buzzing or ringing or making some obnoxious noise that got louder and louder the more they talked and tried to convince everyone they that their campaign was more than self promotion?

What if politicians has to go 24 hours without calling names or pointing fingers or blaming everyone that disagrees with them for the world’s problems before they were eligible for election?

What if there was a medication that would cause politicians to forget how to lie?

What if any politician who wanted to accept large contributions had to take an add out in the paper saying he was for sale?

What if any politician who tried to say hate was a good idea starting laughing and couldn’t stop?

What if all voting machines had a “none of the above” option?

What if it was illegal for politicians to quote the Bible who had never read it?

What if politicians could only receive health insurance after everyone they represented had it?

What if politicians knew poor people did not cause poverty?

What if politicians knew their job description was justice?

What if politicians couldn’t get rich by being a politician?

What if politicians knew who their boss was?

What if politicians could only go on vacation when you could afford to go too?

What if somehow politician became more than a 4 letter word?

What if politicians had to have real life experience in being good people?

What if you didn’t have to ask politicians what matters about this country because you knew they knew?

What if what really matters mattered to them??


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