What would happen if we won the election??

(This post is a companion piece to the post earlier today “What matters?”)

What would happen if none of the politicians running for election won this time around?

What if we won?

What if those got elected thought they owed us more than a speech or a sound bite?  What if they thought government was not about them looking better but our lives going better?

What if they thought being a better person was part of being a better official?  

What if they thought public life was not about who you walked over but who you walked with?

What if they saw no circumstances in which the public good was served by hate?

What if they thought promises mattered?

What if they thought my welfare was not served by making your life worse?

What if they didn’t like others too much to work with them but cared too much not to.

What if they thought that important things are actually worth doing?

What if they thought the public welfare was not served simply by what made them look good?

What if they did not think they were too important to tell the truth?

What if they were as concerned about the people with no money to give as they were about those eager to give?

What if their voice could not be bought?
What if they thought the welfare of their party was not the same as the welfare of the country?

What if they knew blame was not a political program nor hate a political principle?

What if they believed that leadership was not about how tall you stood but how wide you reached out?

What if they thought that national security was best served by a government that operated with integrity?

What if they thought when life got better we all won rather they voted for it or not?

What if they never thought it was in their best interest to tolerate injustice?

What if they really believed there was hope for this country and it was not a political slogan who is to blame for our problems?

What if they were as willing to do the right thing even if it threatened their reelection as they were to do nothing to keep from having their reelection threatened?

What if the people in this country won every election? What if????


2 thoughts on “What would happen if we won the election??”

    1. Ah yes! Wouldn’t it be GRAND, indeed, if all these “what if” questions were actually the way it was in American politics? Our country would not only be excellent by pundits’ proclamations but in reality and practice!

      We must continue to believe it is possible – because from hopes/dreams come reality. A situation like this will NEVER become a reality if we stop believing it to be possible!

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