What if

(based on an earlier post)

What if
Poverty was not a crime
Or moral failing
Or judgement of sin
But an extraordinary experience
Of ordinary people
What if
We believed that
People deserved to be
Treated right
Regardless of
Social status or
Financial standing
Or what label or
Tag we place on them
What if human being
Was a sufficient condition
Of kindness
And care
What if everyone was
Our neighbor
And we really
Believed we were theirs
What if we knew
But for the grace
Of God
There go I
And life was
About sharing that
What if everyone
Was against needless death
And for better life
What if care and love
Were not measured by
What they cost
But treasured for
The opportunity to give
What if everyone could
See and hear and feel
And knew that injustice
That diminishes one
Diminishes all
What if these
Were not things
We prayed for
But things we celebrated
What if Tennessee was
For all Tennesseans
If that is our journey
If that is our hope
Then must we not
Step today
And find another
With which to step tomorrow
And the next day
And the day after.
Walk for those
Who cant walk
Sing for those
Who have no voice
And above
Way above all else
Care for those
Convinced no one
Really cares


One thought on “What if”

  1. Regardless of who we are or where we come from your asking for those that are poor, and you make a weak attempt at joining those that have money and those that live in poverty. For your wonderful sounding narrative, there would have to be a utopia. It’s why communism never worked. Even in a utopia, there is competition and an innate self that thrives to be better.

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