Who will be left to speak out for you…..on the presidency of Donald Trump

A year ago I could not imagine Donald Trump being the Republican nominee for President….

A year later I can not imagine him being president…..

A year from now….????

I am 64 years old and have seen us survive 10 presidents. As often as not the person I favored lost. Now for the first time I wonder…. no I fear…. we will not survive the next president.

Trump has told us who to blame, who to hate and who we need to get rid of. He has told us that the people not like us have poisoned our lives and threatened our safety. He will get rid of the Mexicans. He will protect us from the Moslems and he says that somehow he will make us great again. And the people who want to blame have been told who to blame …. And the people who hate have had their hate confirmed and legitimized…. And the people who want to point fingers and talk about the groups that don’t belong and the groups that mess everything up are now told we can not only get rid of them. We should get rid of them and it is the right thing to do.

Trump has run a campaign of name calling and slander. He would have us believe that bluster and conceit are presidential qualities. He would tell us that he is a leader but then say his leadership requires no knowledge or experience. His will he says is enough. And he asks us to trust him with his hand on the nuclear trigger.

He is impulsive and easily angered and he believes in get back. Other countries think we have gone mad.

A year ago the Republican Party bragged about its stable of potential candidates and now they are left trying to find a way to brag on Trump. It is almost embarrassing to hear grown adults try to justify him as the best option available.

He is a dangerous man…. a spooky man. He has torn the scab off racism and hatred in this country and what he has uncovered is ugly. And he had tried to sell that ugliness as long overdue and the solution to our problems. It is time he says to stand up and be tough.

The video above is about Martin Niemoller a German pastor in Nazi Germany. He talks about his silence when the Nazis came for others and finally there was no one left to speak for him when they came for him.

Who will speak for you? Are you safe because you are not a Mexican? Are you safe because you are not a Moslem? Are you safe because you are not a woman….. or because you are not gay…. or because you are not poor… or not different in some other way??? Who is really safe?

It is time to speak up now. Do not let hatred and bigotry be defined as okay and legitimate. Do not let America be lost in some obscene effort to define political policy in 140 characters and our values be coopted by the impulse to do violence to anyone who is different.

What will we see when we look back in a year? Will we have went from disbelief about what could happen to fear about what might happen and finally to panic and terror at what has happened? Donald Trump is already bankrupt and we follow him at our own peril.

If he becomes president who will speak when they come for you?


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