Not if but when… On insuring Tennessee

Movements for social change go through developmental stages.   The movement towards insuring Tennessee is no different.

A lot of earlier conversations were about “if”.   If the legislature listens….. If it goes to committee…. If the speaker acts….. If somebody else does something we will win.

The problem is it makes you dependent on someone else’s behavior.   It is about winning a  battle and if you lose the very real possibility you will begin to question the value of the war.

We have begin to move from if to when.   “When” the legislature moves towards insuring Tennessee they will be successful.   It is not a question of rather or not we will go away.   We won’t.   We are there to the end of the war.   It is over when they are successful.

It may sound like a small difference but it is a huge difference.  Not if…. When.

It means working with people.   It means networking with people.   It means doing everything possible to be successful.   But it also means that they do not define the end of the struggle.   You have already defined that.

Hopefully the task force will make the idea of insuring Tennessee real.   It would be great.   But if they turn out to be little more than political cover for a legislature starting to feel the heat that is not okay but we will survive.

No acceptable casualties.   No one left behind.   On that day we are done.   Not if but when.


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