On walking in our shoes…. On walking many more miles

This was the session that started with “we are not going to talk about it” and ended with “we got to do something about it.” This was the session that started with the Republicans in firm control and ended with a Task Force to find that control once again.

The task force is a narrow path to an answer for the uninsured. I think they would like to do something. They would like to find a solution…. But a solution only if they can get their way. It is not clear if the two can go together nor is it clear that a solution that gets them their way will in the end solve much of anything. But all that is yet to be seen.

I remember the day when people gathered outside Speaker Harwells office to ask her to stop… just stop before the session ended and walk in the shoes of the uninsured. Stop and imagine it was you or your family or your loved ones. There were already billboards all over the state asking her to act. She had been deluged with phone calls and emails. At one point they tried to push people out of her office and lock us out and I knew right then something had changed. We were no longer defined by rather we won the battle in front of us. I knew that day it was really about the war.

No one can be left behind. There are no acceptable casualties. And that will not change. Sooner is better but never is not an option.

It has been a process coming. Look at the faces in the pictures above. What do you see?

I pray the Task Force brings an answer. Too many have no more waiting in them. But in the end they can only choose not to listen this time. They can not choose for us to be quiet or to walk away meekly. A battle is only one battle.

If I only had one prayer I know what it would be. “Lord help us find a way for us all to win because so many who have not just fought this battle, but who when the camera and crowds are gone live this battle every day, deserve it. Let no one be left behind and finally after such a very long time left Tennessee be for all Tennesseans. “



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