Sickening solutions… The task force on health care solutions

There has been a lot of initial optimism about Speaker Harwell’s task force. A lot of initial conversations with various task force members seemed to indicate they knew there was a problem and that there needed to be a solution. They thought Insure Tennessee was a bad answer. Their charge was to find a better answer and most importantly they seemed to know it.

Consider that early optimism tempered. Read the above article. And be prepared to be sick.

Chairman Sexton is blunt. 300000 people are not going to be added to Tenn care. Not maybe…. Not could be. No…. Period no.

He seems to think that they can find enough charity clinics and pay enough doctors to see patients for free to serve hundreds of thousands of people.

This might feasibly be called the middle finger theory of health care reform. If it is true and this really is the Republican version of principled leadership and really is the real agenda behind all their political chatter thousands and thousands of people are about to find out that poverty is for them a terminal illness.

The first thing is to ask them. What is your intention? What is your plan? Perhaps it was a bad day for Rep. Sexton. I hope so.

If not there are a lot of bad days ahead for all of us.


One thought on “Sickening solutions… The task force on health care solutions”

  1. Tell it like it is Larry, I appreciate everything you are doing to support Insure Tennessee. Keep the biger goal in sight also. We need to Improve and Expand Medicare for All so that everyone in America will have equitable healthcare access. You and your readers can go to to learn more about the “Physicians Proposal” to move beyone the ACA to a single payer system. The pass word is NHI (National Health insurance).

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