On being pro-living…. the fight to close the gap

I  have never really understand how so many people who are pro-life seem to have such a struggle being pro-living.   I have never really understood how people who are so intent to have a gun to protect themselves and their neighborhood from threat can be so willing to let their neighbor get sick,  suffer,  and even die because they lack access to the most basic health care.   And I really don’t understand how someone who says he follows the gospel of Jesus Christ could say that the discussion of a plan to provide health care to 280,000 of his poorest and most vulnerable neighbors is a political inconvenience. All of that remains a mystery to me.

Over the next few weeks Speaker Harwell’s task force will put the finishing touches on a plan that will say Tennessee is pro-living, that all of its citizens deserve the protection of insurance, that no one should die because he is poor, and that doing the right thing is never inconvenient. That is the hope of all of us.

But they must be held accountable. They must never feel like silence is agreement. They must never feel like finding someone to blame is a good faith effort to solve the problem. They must know that it is on them, that no reason or rationalization relieves them from the challenge they have accepted and that in the end only one thing matters…. close the gap. No one left behind.

But they must hear from us. I ask again. If it is at all possible come to the task force meeting in Knoxville or Johnson City next week. Chattanooga will meet soon after that. Spread the word. Ask others to come. If you cannot come call or email them. This is way too important. Speak loudly and be inconveniently visual.

See you there.


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