On the biggest church in Tennessee…

The largest church denomination in Tennessee is the Republican one and both the church and the Republican party are worse off for it.  

It is a marriage made…. well not in heaven.   From it have come a series of remarkable off-spring.

You have people who are “pro-life”  that believe that anything that is pro-living (like health insurance)  is a dangerous plot.

You have people who believe that poverty is God’s judgement on sinful people and who believe that the 2200 verses in the Bible about helping the poor were a temporary error in judgement on God’s part.

You have people that believe treating others without bigotry and discrimination creates an unbearable crisis of conscience that the government should support them in.

You have people who believe that poverty is a manipulative act by lazy people and lazy people don’t deserve to eat and you have a government who has an abiding concern with protecting the good people from the lazy people.

You have people who believe the sanctity of our bathrooms is our greatest national security issue and legislators willing to flush the education of our children down the toilet in that bathroom in order to support them.

You have people who believe I should have the freedom to  carry my gun even to my doctors office but not have the insurance to actually have him treat me.

You have people who believe the Bible should be the state book but that doesn’t mean anybody needed to act like he has read it.

You have people who believe that when Jesus said to care for your neighbors he couldn’t have meant their neighbors.

You have people who believe that if Jesus had actually met any Moslems there would be a different golden rule.

You have people who believe it is impossible to be a Christian and a Democrat.

You have people who believe that a black president must be unbiblical  because God told them so.

You have people who believe that God said to love others be really meant to say judge them first.

You have people who believe they are being persecuted because too many people think they are foolish and should not have the ability to persecute others.

And finally you have people who believe that perhaps we are all God’s children but are completely convinced Dad had always liked them best.


2 thoughts on “On the biggest church in Tennessee…”

  1. I am a conservative and I know lots of other conservatives. NONE OF US BELIEVE ANY OF THE PURE GARBAGE you have written. I want a world in which we don’t divide people into racial groups then pit one against the other. I certainly believe in helping the poor but not with money taken at the point of a gun to do it. I furthermore do not believe we should have a permanent underclass to serve the will of the democrats. I believe in equal rights for all and equal opportunity as well. I do not believe our healthcare should be administered by a government so bloated and inefficient that it is trillions of dollars in debt with nothing to show for it. You mentioned education but our government controlled schools are indeed producing students who can’t spell, add, subtract and goodness knows can’t multiply or divide. And can they read? Or write cogent sentences that make sense? Every American can be successful by following this plan. First get a job, any job. It does not matter what it is except that it must be within one’s capabilities to perform. Second, consistently and constantly do a little bit better than expected. My first job was sweeping floors and cleaning toilets and I tell you a bathroom I cleaned was cleaner than your kitchen! Every time! Eventually I went to college, with no government “help” and no debt and I became a research chemist then a business owner. Do you seriously think I need a democrat to help me run my life?

    1. I almost never respond to comments. I think I have a right to my opinion and if someone takes the time to respond I believe they have a right to theirs. You don’t say where you come from but I assume it is not Tennessee. Congratulations on your friends keep them close. I know many people in Tennessee that believe exactly these things. Exactly. I like your job stuff although I don’t know how many people in our current reality really do believe the I was once a janitor and now I own my own business stuff has anything to do with their life. FYI most of the people in Tennessee without insurance do work or did until they just got too sick to work. I am curious because I really really don’t know but what is the Republican solution to the uninsured other than let them die. 50 or 60 repeals of ACA but if they have a better option I confess I have missed it. The Republicans in Tennessee have no option other than let them die. Last question. You are obviously a smart man. Are you a Trump guy? Just curious.

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