What if sometimes a kid could be too young to be taught about hate

There is a Tennessee state legislator (thank God I have forgotten specifically which one) who made the news recently.   He went to his local school board and complained.   He said his 4th grade son’s textbook was teaching something that seemed suspiciously like “social justice”  and he thought that was a dangerous subject for his son at such a young age and he wanted it stopped.   The school I am sure resisted the impulse to tell him he was perfect proof that if you don’t start early some people never learn but the whole story prompted another question for me?

Why is it never too early to teach children about hatred and bigotry?  What if it was?  What if the Tennessee state legislature passed one of their Tennessee laws saying so.

…. What if parents were fined everytime they used the N word?

…..What if everytime someone talked about women like they were pieces of meat only good for one thing their picture was on the front page of the paper under the title “today’s biggest fool. ”

…. What if kids were told poverty is not something to laugh about and poor people were not lazy and didn’t like it?

….. What if kids were told disability was not a joke for them to laugh at and that people with disabilities were as much people as they were?

…. What if kids were told that other cultures mattered before we came around,  they still matter and will matter after we are gone?

…..What if kids were told that being different was not the same as being worse than the people you are different than?

….What if kids were told that kindness was smart and the best way to teach someone else a lesson?

…. What if kids were told that hatred and bigotry was  stupid?

…. What if kids were told that everyone was more than the way they looked,  the way they talked or the  way they dressed?

…..What if…. What if….. What if…..

For those of you who worried don’t be. That is not a Tennessee law kind of law.

But you know maybe if people could be too young to be taught about hatred and bigotry and such maybe no one would need to be taught about social justice.

Maybe they would already know.


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