Plantation agencies

Do you have a plantation agency in your life?

For the last several days Linda and I have talked about plantation agencies.

They are “helping agencies” that are characterized by a “benevolent”  control of those they claim to help.   They assume they have the knowledge that counts and that their clients should be compliant and well behaved.   They assume that if their clients do what they suggest and try harder enough life will be as good as it can be given their problems and issues.   They think that their clients should be realistic and accept their limitations.   They tend to see the refusal of clients to do these things as a symptom or manifestation of their problems and not a considered choice or decision.   They believe that the goals,  purposes,  and feelings  of their clients are not nearly as important as the labels they place upon those clients.   They do not believe that a clients anger towards them for trying to define the course of their lives,  the possibilities open to them or control their decisions is not cause for them to examine their behavior but confirmation of that clients problems and need to be dependent on them.

It is a plantation because some people are masters and some are not.   It is a plantation because the people in charge believe anything that profits the plantation serves the best interest of all those on the plantation.   It is a plantation in the sense that once you belong to the plantation it can be very difficult to ever find independence from that plantation.   It is a plantation in the sense that those who live in the “big house”  assume they are better than those who don’t.

Too many agencies are plantation agencies.   Beware of people who define success by anything that promotes their control and not that which empowers you and puts you in ultimate control of your own life.


One thought on “Plantation agencies”

  1. It’s always good to know and be able to articulate well what makes you angry. Finding people who understand — (as the commercial says) “priceless.”

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