Will they make life better for 280,000 or will they make 280,000 less of a problem

The fix is in.

The task force is soon to report a plan that “they discovered”  that they had probably basically decided on before they went discovering. 

It,  by all appearances,  will be a gimmick laden plan,  that instead of solving the lack of insurance for 280,000 people with insurance for  280,000 people,  will ignore the federal money in front of them to achieve a real solution,  start pilot projects to teach the poor to “take care of themselves better”,  rely heavily on charity clinics already filled to the rim who have tried to explain they are not a substitute for comprehensive care,  and then propose to a legislature not thrilled with new expenditures that they should assume the cost of 35% of this  “solution”  while the funding for a real solution lies unused on the table in front of them.

It is a lie. It is legislative malpractice. It will leave thousands upon thousands with no help. And the report of the task force will in the end be a vote for the death of innocent Tennesseans. It’s purpose was never to solve a real problem but to distract from and ultimately define it as unimportant. It’s most important purpose was to take the steam out of a growing demand for change and action. However disguised and lofty it’s words it’s intent will be to make the official policy of the state of Tennessee to tell the 280,000 people in the gap that they are very sorry but they are not the state’s problem. And the message to advocates will be go home and stop bothering us. What you have to say doesn’t matter.

It makes me question the moral fabric of a government that hates the federal government so much it would rather have its own innocent people die and suffer rather than accept the help in front of them.

The task force will either be the death of a movement to insure the uninsured in Tennessee or a startling energization of a movement and passion and commitment that says never is not an option.

It is on us. There are plenty of people who are still holding out hope for the task force to take real action. They view this as the only train leaving the station and in a real sense they are right.

But maybe when you find out the train has no intention of really leaving you finally have to find alternate transportation.

Hoping I am wrong in all this.



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