Linda on a magnolia wind

It has been a hard day. It will be a harder night.

I started a job today. The job is no big deal but having it is a big deal. We have been facing destruction for a long time and this gives us hope.

But it has been a bad day for Linda. 3 bad grand mall seizures. The worst in a long time. She has been unconscious on the living room floor all day basically. The cats stood guard all day. I think even they were scared.

I spent most the evening with her and it is bad. I am not with her tonight. I am praying hard. I can’t miss the job. We have waited too long. Desperation has been real. There have been bad days before and there are bad days yet to come but I worry about tomorrow and wish so much was different.

If you have a moment please pray for her. We would both appreciate it.

The song is for Linda. It is really for Linda.


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