The 3 what do I needs….a simple minded look at doing better in life

I call this a simple minded way because this is basically my way of trying to build better days and in the end a better life. I didn’t really invent it or create it. A lot of the ideas owe a lot more to the intelligence of other people a lot smarter than me. In one sense you could say I discovered at least this version by trying to figure out how I normally messed up when I messed up. I wish I could say I consistently do all these things. I don’t. Some days are better. Many are not. But I think the ones that are better in some way are the result of me doing to some degree what I describe below.

What do I need to do?

The single biggest problem I have. Often I just don’t what to do or what I think I need to do just makes things worse. I try to control things I can’t control. I misperceive the issues. I take things personal that just aren’t. I assume things are going to last forever or mess everything up. Nothing lasts forever so far. Nothing really messes everything up.. at least so far. I sometimes flee to what seems urgent and leave the important unintended. Someone once told me we create more problems by the way we deal with difficulties than any single thing. I believe that.

What do I need to have in order to do what I need to do?

Do I really want to do it? Motivation… People like to do what they are you used to doing even when it seems stupid or counterproductive. We tend to do what feels normal and usual. Creating a new normal takes a lot of “want to” sometimes.

Do I know how to do what I need to do? If I don’t can I learn it? Who or what can I learn from?

Do I have support in doing what I need to do? Sometimes I mistake accomplices for support. Not the same thing.

Will what I need to do pay off for me in a way that makes a difference? Does it make sense?

Is it worth the effort to do?

What do I need to do to get what I need to have in order to do what I need to do?

How do I build my capability to do the things that make my life better?

How do I handle daily stress?

What kind of shape are my relationships in?

Do I have a sense of meaning and purpose in life?

Do I have something to look forward to each day? How do I nurture me?

Do I celebrate success? Does it matter and make a difference to me?

Do I learn from my mess-ups?

Am I committed to survival even when everything goes wrong?

Let me know if it makes sense to you. It seems like it helps me.


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