Please correct me if I am wrong but did they just bury Tim Murphy???

Above is the Senate Mental Health Summitt. I have only had time to see bits and pieces of it so I leave the conclusions to you. I hope to see it all in the next few days and hope you will do the same.

I did watch the beginning though particularly Lamar Alexander’s remarks and coupled with the news of an Upton draft Bill and what Alexander had to say about “effective” leadership have we just witnessed the quiet but certain burial of the power of Tim Murphy? Has the only living psychologist in Congress been put out to pasture because his ego will not allow him to work with anyone? Has the my way or the highway guy been shown the highway?

I don’t know. I am by no stretch of the imagination saying all is well with what may be done. It is not. By I am saying that Tim Murphy riding the success of his bill would have been a much more dangerous Tim Murphy in the future. I am saying that perhaps this means that E Fuller Torrey is not to be out unofficial mental health (oops mental illness….) Commissioner and that is not a bad thing.

Murphy is a politician and if this whole thing ends in a bill (still doubtful this year… Really listen to Alexander) I am sure he will be glad to take all the credit he can muster. But unless I have really missed the boat (and I might have) he is no longer in the driver’s seat and may in fact be running along side the car.


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