The fervent faith of Tennessee Republicans

Have you ever had an older child convinced you are going to die of your own stupidity? You give them a place to live, help pay their bills, make sure they have food and clothes and even see they get an education. Finally they have had enough. They take you aside and tell you your judgement really stinks, you have done little right with your life and they are rapidly losing faith and trust in you right before they ask to borrow the car keys to go out on a weekend. In Tennessee they call that being a Republican.

The article above talks about it. It talks about the difference between the ignorant and the willfully ignorant. Read it if you haven’t.

It is an article of unquestioned religious faith for Tennessee Republicans that any solution that is attached to the words federal government can’t possibly solve anything. Thus you have the 90 miles an hour eyes tightly shut search for conservative principles to solve the problem of 280,000 Tennesseans without insurance. They don’t just want to walk past the money on the table in front of them. They claim in the loudest and proudest and most self satisfied voices it isn’t even really there. “After all you can’t trust the federal government to keep its word and pay what they say they will.”

There is one huge problem with that. Tennessee. Tennessee is one of those rare states that gets more from the federal government than what it pays. Tennessee has missed no meals at the trough of the federal government. Without the federal government there would in a very real sense be no Tennessee.

The answer to the claims of the ignorant is to tell them to look around. They won’t. They don’t want to know.

So if the Republicans win (and they might) Tennessee is looking at rural areas with next to no health system, cities with a lot of charity clinics (do you know how many clinics it will take to serve 280,000?), a stern admonition to everyone to stop smoking and for those people who are really sick and need hospitals and specialists and not smoke and mirrors a short and dismal life.

It is for so many simply about faith. It is a shame facts don’t matter more.


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