The reign of Donald Trump….

Donald Trump has already changed what it means to be a Republican.   Soon he may change what it means to be an American.

Republican politicians from all over the country are trying to explain away the uproar about his candidacy by minimizing his lies,  feigning surprise and shock at his bigotry,  ignoring his ignorance about subjects integral to being president and simply shutting their eyes and biting their tongues at his unbridled egotism and lack of even basic moral character.   There is a difference between someone that might be a bad president  and someone who might destroy the presidency.   All the while they try to portray their backing of a man they spent months loathing as somehow an act of integrity   and concern for their country.   They have shown themselves to be bottom feeders willing to attach themselves to anything that protects or promotes their self interest.   They have shown that their party is much more important to them than the welfare of their country.  

I don’t know that Trump has made anything really different.   He has just ripped off the veneer of politeness and exposed  the hypocrisy of the buzzwords,  slander and lies of a party that eight years ago made the failure of the president of the United States their primary overarching policy goal.  They made hate a politically credible option.  They created a monster and the monster has devoured them and now with Trump in front would have the country.

Donald Trump is the greatest threat to this country I have seen in my 64 years.   If elected he will be the disaster we may not recoup from.   I  am not by any stretch of the imagination the greatest fan of Hilary Clinton but the suggestion that I have heard some make that if Bernie Sanders is not to be president that the biggest catastrophe in the world would be for Hilary to get the job is absurd.   I  have friends that believe that and with apologies to them they are wrong.   The greatest danger facing this country is not that Bernie Sanders might not be president but that Donald Trump might.

Donald Trump would be emperor. Well this emperor has no clothes and all the empty nonsense spewed by the very people who created this disaster will not change that.

Vote for America. Before it is too late.


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