To each and every Republican in this country… WHAT MATTERS????

Each day this election is being pared down to one question for Republicans.   When all is said and done what really matters??

You say that you have a vision for this country that is sorely needed.   You say we need to go back to basic values.  You say you believe in ordinary people.. You believe in family…You believe in the character of this country or so you say….

If any of this is really true how can you believe in and support Donald Trump????   How can you say you have integrity and honor and pledge support to a bigot,  a racist,  a con man whose record of shady business deals is only surpassed by his pride in those deals.   How can you speak about truth and say you will vote for a liar?  How can you claim that your party is more qualified to lead this country when you would nominate someone who lacks even the most basic knowledge,  experience,  or temperament to fulfill the job you say we should select him to?   How can you support a liar without being a liar?  How can you support a bigot without supporting bigotry?   How can you support a man like this and claim to be acting in the best interests of the country you say you love?

What really matters to you?   Each day that Trump exposes even more of who and what he really is it becomes more and the only real question.   What really matters?

Any claim you ever had to moral integrity is dissolving right in front of your eyes.  Donald Trump will do one of two things.   He will either destroy the Republican Party or he will destroy this country.   He may do both.

Only one question to you.   WHAT MATTERS TO YOU?  What will you do?


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