Never Murphy

There was a Never Murphy movement long before there was a Never Trump movement.

The parallels between the Murphy and Trump campaigns are more than instructive. Each was about a man with an outsized ego who tried to sell himself as the solution to all problems. Each was built on telling people that there anger and fear are well placed, that they had been betrayed by people who didn’t really care and only cared about there own power and position. Then they were told he can make it better. Each based their hope for success on personal attacks on the integrity and motives of those that opposed them. Neither campaign ever let the truth get in the way of them making their point. And neither of them ever missed an opportunity to get all the free publicity the press could give them.

There are also parallels between the “Never movements.” Both to a degree assumed that no one with any good sense would ever buy the line being sold but people did. Both assumed that in the end people would see that both Trump and Murphy are more about promoting themselves than “their cause.” They didn’t. And both assumed that Trump and Murphy would in the end self destruct. And although both may yet neither has.

The Never Trump Movement has become a marginalized group of people with little or no real options to action. And we have Donald Trump.

Will the Never Murphy people be left with Murphy or are there still options.

I believe there are.

Next week a new Murphy Bill will be marked up in committee and if successful presented to the House. If it passes there then they wait for the Senate to act and then meet to iron out differences between the two bills. If that is successful then it goes to Obama for his signature. The clock is ticking on all this. With this being an election year there will not be a lot of days left in session and the whole process may not have enough time to complete. There enough issues out there like budget etc. that may upset everyone’s plans.

I was one of those who for many reasons thought Murphy would self destruct. And in an ordinary session he might have but I think Chairman Upton has tried hard to “save his bacon.” The new bill, although it will still carry the Murphy name and he will assuredly claim all credit is as much an Upton Bill as a Murphy Bill.

The new bill has tried to mute some of the provisions that the Democrats raised such hell about at the end of the last legislative session and still retain enough of the flavor of the original Bill that Murphy, Upton and Ryan can claim the original charge had been fulfilled and we know have a Republican response to Sandy Hook.

I think the new push has everything to do with the election. Ryan wants to be able to paint the House as a do-something House. He does not want the election to be based on what Donald Trump says. I think his hope is to banish Trump to some parallel universe but I think in the end he will find that easier said than done. Meanwhile he needs some kind of accomplishments to point to.

The bill is still a bad Bill. It’s DNA has not changed. In the next few days I hope to put a series of posts on this blog that describe some of the issues with the bill and suggest ways to attack it. But as for right now…..

Call your representative and let him know what you think. Tell him you deserve reform that really makes a difference. Tell him you want a bill that is about help and not simply control and basically policing people with mental health diagnoses. “

It may or may not make the difference we want it to make. There are more Republicans than Democrats and if it is purely a matter of numbers the bill will pass. But if it passes how it passes makes a difference. There is a difference in a bill passed by acclamation and one passed with bitter conflict and that will affect the next battle which is conference committee with the Senate. Whether or not we win this fight your voice matters and will matter even more in what is to follow. The more this Bill is branded the Republican response of the House and little more the greater the chances that it’s most noxious provisions may yet not see the light of day.

As I said before I hope to have a new post up tomorrow that deals with more specific issues. It is time for all of us to make our voice heard.


One thought on “Never Murphy”

  1. I also wonder about another parallel that is how both gained momentum in a way no one seemed to anticipate . At the start of the election season, everybody in the mainstream laughed at Trump, knowing him as the loud mouthed bully he is. Trump or his strategists were very wiley. They knew how to position themselves as the ” can’t be bought outsider who’ll make America great again!” This really struck a nerve with all the voters highly unhappy with politics as usual. So many fringe groups now rally to the Trump train. Murphy opportunistically jumped with NAMI groups and Pharmaceutical companies under the guise that AOT and more hospitals will make mental health great again in opposition to the Recovery camp. So recovery advocates must jump on this hard, before it gains any more momentum. I wonder if President Trump would veto this bill? What do you think?

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