What about my constitutional right not to be shot by an angry, hateful person who thinks that the slaughter of innocent people is not only his best option but something he will get his fair share of well deserved fame for

The idea that someone has a constitutional right to own a gun whose only legitimate purpose is to kill large amounts of people quickly and thus making it easy for anyone with a score to settle or a point to make to do so in the most lethal manner possible is idiocy. Does not the Constitution say something about life? What about my constitutional right to walk down the street or go into a building without being shot? What about my right not to live in fear of execution for the crime of being in the wrong place at the wrong time?

Someone told me that guns were not the problems that it was what was in people’s hearts. I asked him how many people he thought would have died if the killer in Orlando had thrown rocks instead of used his AR-15. You cannot control what is in people’s hearts but you can control what you make easy or likely. You can’t control if people drink so are we to let drunks roam our highways. That answer is clearly no even from people who would defend drinking in the strongest possible terms. There is no constitutional right to murder or any reasonable expectation that the government in the defense of liberty should make it easy for you to commit that murder.

A newspaper tested it out today. A day after the biggest mass murder in United States history they went into a store in Florida and legally bought an AR-15 in 38 minutes. That is roughly 1 minute and 20 seconds for each of the Orlando victims.

Mass murder is not an aberration in this society. We have as many mass shootings in a week as many countries have in years. We have a problem with violence. How can anyone see this as having to do with the defense of liberty when 50 people were just murdered in cold blood for celebrating who they are?

We have a problem with hatred.

It is not about advocating against guns. It is about advocating against murder.

The idea that making murder less likely, less grand, less large, less efficient is an assault against the freedom of each of us is just so stupid. It is not a concern shared by any other civilized country.

I think I have friends who will be upset with what I have to say. I hope they will be forgiving and hear me clearly. Doing what we are doing well only get us what we have.

50 people died because one man was angry. He was filled with hate. He wanted to take retribution on people who hurt his feelings. It was easy for him to do it in the most lethal fashion possible.

It is not okay.

We live in a climate in which it is increasingly easy and likely that if you are different from other people you will be demonized and the target of violence from someone who thinks they are only doing what is right. Lord that is basically the campaign platform of one of our presidential candidates.

What we make easy and likely will tend to happen more often. It is not rocket scientist material and we best be careful what we make easy or likely.

50 people died in Orlando because they were gay.

And shame on all of us if we don’t start right now keeping the next group of innocent people out of harms way.


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