The impossible missions force… Your mission should you decide to accept it is to save the Speaker from Insure Tennessee

The task force goes to Washington DC in a week or so to convey their “solutions”  to the crisis of uninsured Tennesseans to government officials.

The only problem is that was never the real problem they were trying to deal with.  

“Your mission Chairman Sexton will be,  should you decide to accept it,  for you and your impossible missions team to provide political cover for Speaker Harwell as she tries to recover from the political damage done to her by the Insure Tennessee fiasco and keep her options for Governor alive as well as convince those in the House who believe she had little or no leadership capability they are wrong.   Should you be captured or killed the Speaker as always will disavow any knowledge of your mission. ”

Word is slowly starting to seep out about the real task force plan and agenda. The following is an abbreviated version of something told to me today by someone I believe is in a position to know much more than I know.

1. The task force is really about solving 3 problems. The Speaker had to get reelected. The Speaker would like to remain the Speaker. And if these two are accomplished she might decide to top it off by becoming Governor. The issue of Insure Tennessee had made all that problematic. So the Task Force.
2. They are going to Washington DC with several ideas to propose hoping to get traction on one.
3. They will not ask for the 90-10 rate of the ACA. They will leave that money on the table. They will ask for the 65-35 regular Medicaid rate because they think that will make it easier to get a yes.
4. The chances of then getting a yes with a proposal at all suspect in the middle of an election campaign are really low.
5. They know that and are prepared to come back empty handed.
6. Either way the Speaker wins. The specter of Insure Tennessee had been banished. Either she had a victory to brag about or a defeat at the hands of the federal devils to brag about. Her status as wonderful leader will be confirmed. Insure will be buried to never arise. And all will be well. The impossible missions force will have struck again.

It would be nice to be totally wrong. Really, really nice. It would be nice to feel really stupid about my predictions of what is ahead. It would be really nice.

I don’t think anything will be nice.


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