The anosognistic delusion and making life better

From 2015

Hopeworks Community

One of the shadier concepts in psychiatry in that of anosognosia.  It is the cornerstone of most justifications for the necessity and value of coercive treatment.    It basically means that because you have mental illness that you have suffered some kind of brain damage that makes you unable to realize that you are ill.  Refusing treatment becomes a symptom of your need for it.  It is remarkable notion that is used most frequently by people like the Treatment Advocacy Center to justify that the mentally ill need to be forced to accept treatment for their own good because they dont even know they have an illness.  “Treatment” in the way they use it is basically medication and/or hospitalization.  By appealing to the concept of anosognosia these folks try to annul any criticism of psychiatric intervention by those who have endured it as being the result of distorted thinking or…

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