On a long moment of silence and the defeat of decency

Tonight the Republicans in the Senate made it legal for someone so dangerous we would not let him fly with us to spend 7-10 minutes buying an instrument of mass murder and killing whoever they wanted claiming they were protecting the freedom of individual citizens.   There were 50 individual citizens in Orlando that bore first hand the burden of that freedom.

Tonight Orlando was stamped and certified as an essential part of the American experience.   Barely more than a few days past the most horrific murder in our history murder was made legal tonight.   People who shudder at the shame and burden of Donald Trump  and who proclaim the glory and burden of their party as the the ultimate value and answer to America’s problems dishonored themselves tonight through their steadfast servitude to an organization whose highest purpose is to protect the profits of the gun manufacturers who bankroll it.

Tonight a country reeling from the continued slaughter of innocents turned it’s back on the lives and legacy of its dead. And it made certain the names of those yet to be written in that bloody book would indeed be written.

We solved a crime by committing another. Common sense was killed tonight by people terrified of the political consequences of its defense. We would not solve drunkenness by putting people behind the wheel of a car yet we would protect the rights of those we already know are dangerous to acquire the tools to make their rage and anger truly dangerous. Where is the sense in that?

Tonight was not an argument about big steps. It was an argument about any step. And it was an argument we lost.

Tonight was they said an argument about freedom but what of the freedom of the innocents? What about the freedom from murder? Why is that not equally real, equally valued?

Tonight we spoke about Orlando and it was little but a long moment of silence.

It will almost certainly not be the last moment of silence this Congress will get to observe.


One thought on “On a long moment of silence and the defeat of decency”

  1. Larry if you defend the constitutional rights of all citizens, including those deemed ‘mentally ill’ (some of whom are), you discredit your stance with this constant call for attacking the constitutional rights that include the 2nd Amendment.

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