(written in  2014…more than ever true)

Each of us has a voice and much of life is about finding that voice. It is our unique personal significance and it is something that in this “diagnosing world” is sadly unappreciated. To find your voice means to know that you matter in ways unique to you. It is a combination of talent, passion, calling and conscience. It is loving what you are good at and knowing that it is important and right. It is not something you have to be good enough to earn. It is not a result of where you fit or dont fit. It is not what you get out of life, but a way of living.

It is something found and appreciated. It is never done, but is doing. It is for most of us the struggle of a lifetime, but it is also the reason for life. All of us seek completion. But words are misleading. It is not something we have or get but a doing. It is not so much the completion as the completing.

If you have been diagnosed with a mental illness, someone, maybe even with a good heart, has told you that voice (or whatever word they call it) is something you will likely never experience or find. They will tell you that your experience will not be that of “normal people.” They will tell you that life is defined by your limits, not by the opportunities you encounter. All of that is nonsense. It is silliness cloaked in the clothes of fact. You are uniquely, personally significant.

Like anybody you will find that hard to find if the stress of everyday living is so out of control that every minute is a struggle. You will find it hard to find if your relationships with other people are empty or an ongoing war. You will find people who will tell you that is all recovery is about. Cope with life, with events, with others, and with yourself….period. But that is not all that it is about. The point of successfully coping with the life you have is to find more life.

You count. Rather you know it or not… Rather you believe it or not… Rather you understand how or not… It is true. You count.


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