On reason, on rationalizing and on public policy (and a brief thought on Tim Murphy)

On the rationalization of unreasonable things

Hopeworks Community

Most of us know that there is at least one reasonable person in the world…. ourselves. And most of us believe that it would be a much better world if everyone was as reasonable as us.

People who make public policy are too often the same way which is at least part of the reason it is so hard for any group larger than one person to make a decision to do anything.

There are two basic questions to making sense of the world and those two questions have a lot to do with the kind of public policy that is proposed.

The questions are simple :

Can I believe this?

Must I believe this?

The first question is one of justification. It is about rationalization… making what we want to do or we have decided to do make good sense. It is about fire… ready…. aim. We tell ourselves…

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