I think it matters that Tim Murphy is a Republican in the House of Representatives

I think it matters not only that Tim Murphy is a Republican but that he is a Republican in the House of Representatives.   Only something like that explains how somebody can vote over 50 times to do away with health insurance that would pay for the services he says he is trying to help people in need to get.

This post comes from 2 sources.  Reading an article about Paul Ryans “Better Way”  and realizing how well Murphy fits in and trying to think of reasons to tell a Democrat to oppose this Bill.

This is how grossly and horribly Republican the whole thing is.   Think of it as a guest lecture by Tim Murphy in Paul Ryans first “Better Way”  seminar.

The Murphy Bill is an incredibly, unquestionably Republican Bill.

Like many Republican bills it….

1. Defends and extends the status, power, and authority of those who have status, power, and authority against the challenge of those who are without any.

2. Blames the federal government. Somehow according to Murphy things would be so much better if the federal government really cared about the people it is supposed to be helping. The federal government is a frequent boogeyman of Republican legislation.

3. Believes the main problem with things as they are is that they are not as they used to be. Turns back the clock to the “good ole days”.

4. Believes that some people should have less rights than others and that trying to protect the rights of all people causes untold problems.

5. Believes that people with problems need to be better regulated and managed. People need to be coerced into doing things “good for them” and watched closely to make sure they don’t get away with anything they shouldn’t.

6. Marginalizes and stigmatizes those it claims to help.

7. Relies on anger and fear and sensationalism to try to convince people to support it.

8. Does not regard the experience of those it claims to help as credible or important.

9. Substitutes partisan rhetoric and ideology for bipartisan connection and resolution.

10. Slanders the character and motivation of anyone who might disagree with it.

11. Uses targeted groups as excuses not to deal with difficult issues (guns).

12. Doesn’t take the issues of justice, poverty, discrimination, racism and others seriously.

13. Believes when in doubt blame those hurt or victimized by the system rather than the system.

14. Opens the door to increasingly regressive and punitive legislation.


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