Speaker Harwell…. I am not for this….KILL THE DEATH CARD


This morning you were in Nashville congratulating yourself on your courage and celebrating the report of the task force.

This afternoon we were on the streets of Knoxville with a thousand questions.

I have listened all day to people talk about your task force. The major achievement is that today a door was opened that I don’t think can ever be closed again. Legislators in Tennessee said there should be no coverage gap. I don’t know what will happen with your proposal but regardless I don’t think that genie is going back in the bottle again. Thank you and the members of the team force for doing that.

This has been such a long battle. My wife and I have been involved for years. I have seen too many people wait way too long and basically lose everything. I want to say yes so bad I can taste it….. But I can’t.

I don’t know how many people in this state are dying. How many have cancer or another deadly disease that is an immediate threat to their life? 10,000? 20,0000? I really have no idea. But for me to say yes to a plan that makes certain their death is a betrayal of them and a betrayal of everything this movement has been about. If you were going to phase people in why in the world did you not start with those in greatest need? What could you have been thinking. Every legislator in Tennessee has heard a thousand times that people without insurance were dying. You had a chance to kill the death card and you didn’t. You think people would vote for insuring the vets. How about save the dying?

I wish every single organization, every single legislator, every single newspaper, every single person…. every single everything would make one single request. If you are determined to phase people into coverage save the dying first. You can. You could add them to your pilot now. Kill the death card. Remove the shame from Tennessee’s name. How can you not?

You can chose. If you don’t it will be because you have chosen not to. This is not the best we can do. It is not okay to sign off on it because it is better than what was. It is not good enough. Speaker Harwell kill the death card. You can in a short time save more lives than a hospital of doctors do in a life time.

Speaker Harwell serve those in most need first. Too many people have just ran out of wait.

Please act now. I believe with all my heart you can and pray with all my soul you will.


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