On the death card, on closing the gap and on one voice

This post is a companion post to the one I wrote on the day the Speaker’s Task Force announced their report about asking them to “kill the death card”…. to include in their phase one plans that small proportion of the gap population fighting cancer or other deadly conditions, those people who has run out of wait, those people unlikely to live to see phase two.

I write from a strange position. Normally I am substantially sure that what I am about to say is true. I know people I have a lot of respect for who might disagree with much of what I am about to say. I honestly don’t know if anyone agrees with what I am about to try and say. I hope that is not so, but the important thing is not who or who doesn’t agree. The important thing is that it be said.

Two organizations that I admire, respect, and normally agree with, have said from what I understand that this is if not a great deal is the best deal we are likely to get and urging people to support it. And like I said above they may be right.

But as for me as an individual I cannot support it. I really wish I could. I write
also as someone in the gap. For 7 years I have been in the gap. In the last three years in particular Tennessee’s refusal to close the gap has had disastrous personal consequences for me. About three years ago I was told I needed an operation and I am still waiting. And for this one person, solely for me, from my perspective I would rather wait forever than feel like insurance for me came at the expense of one person who couldn’t wait. It has been too long, too far, too many people to pretend like it doesn’t matter. IT DOES.

I am not saying toss the task force plan. Not that at all. I am saying right now before anything goes any farther, before anything is decided add something to phase one. Kill the death card. Give those in greatest need a chance to live. Offer life to the dying. Make them part of the phase one population.

My hope is that organizations like the justice center and Thcc will agree and raise their voices and say so. I don’t know what can happen but I know nothing we don’t ask will happen.

This plan is going to hit some trouble particularly in the Senate. Just imagine the political leverage of being able to say, “Are you going to vote against saving the lives of dying people?” Who is going to say yes?

Like I said I don’t know. Mine may indeed be a lone voice, but it is at least a voice that has spoken. If you agree I hope you will share your voice. Kill the death card. We can. For the first time in years we actually can.

Change phase one right now. Truly make this the best solution we can get.

Thank you…..


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