The six pillars of coercive psychiatry

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The Murphy Bill is a plea not just for the need for coercive psychiatry, not just a claim for the effectiveness of coercive psychiatry but ultimately a sermon about the inevitability of coercive psychiatry in a system that adequately serves the needs of what he calls the severely mentally ill. The justification of coercive psychiatry is based upon 6 fundamental pillars, ideas that justify it and provide a basis to convince others of its fundamental value and truth. The provisions of the Murphy Bill basically are all expressions of one or more of these pillars.

1. You either are or you are not. There is a clear distinction between those who are or are not severely disturbed. Psychiatric diagnoses are statements of medical fact and convey the essence of who a person is and what they can expect from life. Murphy defines away exceptions. “If you had a diagnosis of…

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