Tracy Foster, the death card, and the Task Force

The task force would ask Tracy Foster to wait at least two more years if not more.   She can’t.   She simply can’t.   The note below is her latest update to her GoFundMe account.  

GoFundMe should never be anyone’s insurance company.

There is a special population in Tennessee.   They are the people with active,  current terminal or life threatening illnesses without coverage. They are the people of greatest need and they should be included in phase 1.  They will die because they are poor.   If we are going to help can we not help those in most need?

Read the note below and then decide for yourself. 

Tell your legislators you want more.   Tell them to kill the death card.

There are thousands of Tracy Foster’s.   Who will speak for them if we don’t?

I’ve been really sick for the last few days.Throwing up and can’t eat,and really tired.I don’t know what is going on right now. I also have had another mass pop up..I’m hoping that my appointment on the 11th gives me answers. All I know is I can’t keep going like this.My pain is getting so bad.I’m tired of being sick and tired of asking for help.I just want my life to be normal again.It’s so hard depending on others to help with the smallest of things.Makes me feel worthless.All I want is my life back to halfway normal.Please keep me in your prayers because right now I’m really scared and worried about what’s going on.Please share this,because with your help I can get my needs taken care of. Meds,gas for my trips,food, just things I’m desperately needing right now.I promise that when this nightmare is over,I plan on paying it forward.I really hate being in this position..Thank you all for everything and God bless you all ♡♡♡


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