My nephew Bennie died two years ago today. He was just over 30 years old. 

He went out walking on the railroad tracks and laid down in front of a train. 

None of us knew.  We all missed it.   I don’t know how but we did. 

He had never known any real happiness.   His mother had committed suicide when he was in his early teens.   Much of his life after that was lost to alcohol.   Everything was a struggle. 

He had lost his license.  He couldn’t drive.   He had a hard time finding a job. I don’t know how many friends he had. 

But still he seemed like he was doing better. I don’t know. He seemed past the worst of times. 

I remember how incredibly kind he was to me and Linda everytime we were around.  

I  will always wonder how many nights he walked that track before he decided. 

We never knew.   I so wish we had. 


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