In appreciation…. Val Marsh

I don’t know how good any of us are at showing appreciation.   I want to say thank you to Val Marsh. 

Val is the executive director of NCMHR.  In 14 hours a week she is supposed to help plan,  coordinate,  and lead advocacy efforts in Washington DC.   And I am sure that doesn’t come close to all she does.  It is more than David vs Goliath.   It is David against a room of Goliaths. 

She represents people who sometimes don’t agree with her and frequently disagree with each other.   She has little in terms of resources and faces much in terms of obstacles.   I have never heard her less than determined and optimistic.   I have never heard her once say it is impossible and that is absolutely amazing. If there must be Goliaths I am glad she is David.   Obviously there are many people doing what they can do to help and they also deserve appreciation.   I would mention names but as soon as I tried I would leave someone out and I really dont want to do that. 

Val thank you and all folks around you.  I do not trust people easily but want you to know I trust you. Most importantly I trust your heart. 

Thank you not just for what you have tried to do but more importantly for who you are. 


2 thoughts on “In appreciation…. Val Marsh”

  1. Thank you Larry. As Chair of the board of NCMHR I echo your appreciation . She has taken on the Goliaths of Washington with grace and passion.

  2. Yes, I think she really deserves appreciation, as do everyone in our movement who really try to fight the battles that have to be fought. And Larry, you also deserve appreciation for what you write as well.

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