They knew… Enabling Jeremy Durham

They knew….. 

A couple of days ago an ex-Vanderbilt football player was sent to prison for 15 years for rape.   He did what did and deserves little sympathy. 

Across town after the report came out reporting that Jeremy Durham had been guilty of serial harassment and intimadation of at least 22 different women over a period of years in the General Assembly.   They decided to let the voters decide.   The voters….. Rather than deal with their own,  rather than confronting a man who was a cancer on their body they punted. 

The article linked above suggests an answer.   They knew.   They knew and did nothing.  Jeremy Durham was not a secret keeper.   I  wonder if he even thought he needed to. 

A story that left to the general assembly would have never come out,  a story exposed by the Tennessean that left a million questions unanswered, an investigation and a truth and they are handing it over to the voters. 

They have asked Jeremy Durham to fall on his knife and he has.   He has suspended his campaign.   I wonder what else would have came out in a special session. 

Across town a rapist was sent to prison.   One of the people interviewed talking about a female lobbyist being harassed. “She best get used to it.   It’s part of the job.” 

Go figure….. 


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