The politics of outrage 

The political parties in this country have created the perfect political storm.   They have created a populace that simply hates politicians. It is a populace divided passionately on virtually every issue. Consensus on almost any issue seems impossible.   It is people who believe no one in their right mind would vote for Donald Trump. It is people who believe no one in their right mind would vote for Hillary Clinton.  It is a people united only by outrage and disgust towards a political system whose members protest that they do have integrity and they do have honor.   It is a hatred borne of years of watching them serve only their own self interest and egos.     It is a hatred that politicians got honestly.   They earned it. 

Outrage,  not liberalism or conservatism,  is the dominant political motivation of most people I know.   People are fed up with posturing,  with legislators who promise everything and deliver nothing.  They are fed up with special interests and wonder when someone is going to stand for their interests.   They are sick of lies.   In their eyes the rich get richer and they don’t. 

These are not ordinary times.   It is not about promises whether sincere or not to make things work better.   It is about the passionate conviction of many people that things need to work differently.   It is about people who have felt for a long time like they don’t matter and think it is time they do. 

I wanted Bernie Sanders to be president and he is not going to be.   Everything about Donald Trump fills me with fear and disgust.   I  don’t know who can save us but I strongly believe he can destroy us.   He is the worst of con men and I so fear he is about to make the biggest sale of his life.   I am so afraid we are about to give the keys to someone so dangerous,  so unstable whose appeal is to tell people that there anger and fear is a civic virtue and if they will just trust him he will make sure no one pushes them around again. 

But he gets outrage and I just don’t know Hillary does.   And if she doesn’t…… 

Trumps campaign has been little more than a reality TV show.   But the outrage is real.   It is more real than any study or data or even any facts.   And I am coming to believe that the person who recognizes that and gives voice and form to the hope and demand of so many that we build a country in which ordinary people matter will be our next president. 


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