On Bernie Sanders as patriot

The speech speaks for itself.   If you haven’t heard it you should. 

My comment is about something else. 

We are literally choking on politicians who think everything is about them,  their position,  their role,  their power.   The verbal gymnastics they go through are amazing. 

Bernie Sanders is a patriot.  He fought as hard as he could against overwhelming odds and came closer than anyone thought he could.   But,  as his speech makes clear,  he knew in the end it wasn’t about him,  but what he stood for. And in the clearest possible terms he makes something else very clear.   Much of what he stood for is a battle still to be fought,  but right now  in the battle ahead the election of Donald Trump would be the defeat of everything he stood for.  

I  think he was very clear.  It was not about giving up or giving in. It was about stepping above personality.   He knew that if it was just about him it was about less than he wanted it to be.   

Hillary Clinton was not his enemy.  She was his rival.   The enemy was hatred and fear and injustice.   The enemy was always Donald Trump and the darkness he represented.  It was about building a country of promise or a country whose only promise was of fear and racism and bigotry and the continued victory of those who have everything at the expense of those who fight each day for anything. 

Sanders knew victory was more than about his defeat. He knew there was now in this race only one choice… Hillary Clinton. 

And if a patriot is one who is willing to fight and sacrifice for their country he showed he is the kind of patriot this country needs much more of. 


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