On the election ahead and a point worth making 

I  still remember the first time anyone asked me who I wanted to be President.   It was 1968 and I was a senior in high school.   I went to a very conservative high school in a very conservative place.   It was Hubert Humphrey against Richard Nixon against George Wallace.   It was a dead heat.   Nixon and Wallace tied.  In the entire school Humphrey got one vote. 

I decided to vote for principle.   I voted for Dick Gregory.   Many years later I now know the only thing that kept me safe was that no one knew who Dick Gregory was. 

I  was for Bernie Sanders.   I have many friends who were for Bernie Sanders and many of them are suffering right now.   They do not want Donald Trump to be President,  but neither do they want back on principles that are very important to them.   Some are going to vote for Clinton. Some are going to vote for the Green Party.   A couple are questioning rather or not to vote. 

I  read an article this morning that said it better than I could ever say it. http://www.salon.com/2016/07/31/the_moral_case_for_hillary_clinton_even_if_you_might_dislike_her_this_isnt_the_year_to_back_a_third_party_candidate/ 

Vote for people.   This is a different election.   The people that would be hurt are worth more than the value of any point to be made.   Trump is,  I hope,  a one in a lifetime figure but he is here and the danger is real.  

Bernie lost.   He lost the nomination but I can’t help feel if the grief of those that support him help to elect Donald Trump president that he,  and all of us,  will have lost something much more important. 


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