Is Donald Trump the number one mental health issue in this country

Donald Trump is the number one mental health issue in this country and I don’t think it is even close.

1.  His erratic,  distorted,  impulsive,  chaotic behavior is doing more to increase mental health stigma than any single thing in the public eye.   With everybody and his brother ready to diagnose him he had painted a frightening picture of what people with mental health diagnoses are like.

2.  His whole campaign of pointing fingers,  making fun,  name calling,  and far worse creates a climate truly dangerous for anybody who is different in our country.   His approach to anyone different is ridicule.   Ridicule makes very poor mental health policy.

3.  With all the heat he is getting about his judgements he explains Hillary Clinton by calling her crazy and unbalanced.   If he is elected he will create a climate dangerous to those with psychiatric labels.   As bad as the Murphy Bill might be what would the Trump Bill be like.

4.  His casual encouragement of the ideas that it is okay for his followers to be violent towards people they don’t like makes it only more likely that one of the populations that is most often the victim of violence will under his leadership be even more victimized.

5.  His economic policy will make the rich richer,  the poor poorer and increase the amount of trauma ordinary people experience.

6.  He associates gun violence with mental illness and the likelihood of him supporting a more coercive system to deal with that violence is high.   His reactions to incidents of mass shootings substantiated that.

7.  His health plan as stated right now would take health insurance from 20 million people.   Many of those would be people with mental health diagnoses.

8.  He is a racist and misogynist blatantly to a degree sudden seen in American public life.

This is only the beginning of a list.   On multiple levels and in extraordinary ways he threatens us all.


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