What do you advocate for: the importance of shared concerns

This is an old post but talks a lot about what I think matters in advocacy

Hopeworks Community

Advocacy starts with concerns and effective advocacy starts with shared concerns. Many groups that I have been part of talk about the importance of action but too often they spend more time sniping at each other than they do actually doing anything. To some degree this seems to be changing but there is a long way to go.

Part of the problem I wonder is that maybe we get the cart before the horse. Effective advocacy is not so much a function of the brilliance of the solutions we propose as it is our commitment to the concerns we share. If we have no common concerns that grab us at the gut level the likelihood is that we will have little common cause. If our shared concerns do not move us to action the likelihood is that we will not act.

I think there are many important concerns. Murphy’s concerns…

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