What makes people dangerous: looking past mental health issues

Hopeworks Community

1. They feel justified in hurting me. The more sure they are the more likely to act on it.

2. They dont see any other way to deal with it. No alternatives, no options. The more sure they are the more dangerous they are. This is the “doesnt make sense not to hurt him phase.”

3. The more he believes he can live with the negative consequences of hurting me and that hurting me has positive consequences he doesnt want to miss the more dangerous he is.

4. The more someone feels like he has the ability to hurt me the more likely he is.

It is basically:

Am I justified in hurting them?
Does it make sense to do anything else?
Is it worth it to hurt them?
Am I able to hurt them? Do I have the tools, skills and experience to make it happen??


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