Closing the coverage gap…. Time for Tennessee

There is a plan to close the coverage gap for 280000 Tennesseans.   It is a fight many have fought for a  long time.   For many it is a fight for the quality of life.   For too many it is a fight for life.

The plan is that devised by Speaker Harwell Task Force.   It is not Insure Tennessee.   It is not probably the plan many people would prefer but right now it is the only plan.   In the end maybe the bow and wrapping paper don’t matter as long as the package is delivered.

It is a two step plan that would close the gap by probably the spring of 2018.  There is still much to be negotiated with CMS and the final form is yet decided.   But at this writing it looks like the plan that will be on the table.

The people I have heard talk about it seem to feel like it has a good shot in the House but right now they think they may be several votes shy in the Senate.

It is time to start talking right now.  It is time to define the conversation,  build the narrative before the Americans for Property or similar organizations whip out their checkbook and try to impose it.   We need the conversation with our legislators,  our neighbors,  our communities to be strong and vibrant.   If you are not in the gap the odds are strong you know someone that is.   It is time to capture the conversation.

Tennessee is a big time Trump state and it looks right know like Trump may lose and may lose big.   There will be a lot of pressure on Republican legislators to stand up to Hillary Clinton and prove where they stand.   This is exactly the kind of thing organizations like the Americans for Prosperity may try to seize on and try to define a no vote on health care as a no vote on Hillary Clinton.

We need to get ahead of the power curve now.  Please raise your voice now.   We all need to be heard.

Let’s close the gap this time.  No one left behind.


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