On Tracy 


I  write tonight with more than a little sadness.   I write about a friend who just wants to live.   Her name is Tracy Foster and if you have read this blog much you have seen me write about her more than once. 

If you read the last update on her gofundme account you will see that she had been turned down for a procedure that might have been her last hope for any kind of relief from the incredible pain that is now her constant companion. 

She has no insurance.   Gofundme is the closest thing to an insurance company she has.   Vanderbilt had agreed to give her some charity care but that doesn’t touch so much she needs just to stay alive.   

There was the possibility of a surgery that might have made a difference but the doctors turned that down.   As a last gasp effort they suggested a procedure involving the injection of botox which they thought might give her enough pain relief so that she can function.  She is running out of options.  It is to the point now she having trouble getting from the beginning of the day to the end. 

Tracy is brave and a tremendous fighter.   This is past bravery. 

She got word from Vanderbilt today that the procedure was a no go.   The hospital was willing to put their expenses down as charity care.   The drug company was not.   They said the botox was not fda approved for this procedure. 

The medicine will cost thousands. 

I  don’t know any longer what to say.  I don’t even know where to begin to get that kind of money. 

Jeremy Durham is gone from the legislature.   He couldn’t keep his hands off women.   He had health insurance for life.   All the legislators who have so strongly said that poor people in the gap don’t deserve insurance coverage over the last two years all have insurance paid for by the state. What do you say that hasn’t been said? 

Please share this post with as many people as you can.   Perhaps you cant help.   I can’t.   But perhaps the person you share it with or who they share it with might. 

Please do not let this happen quietly.   There are a lot of Tracy Fosters in Tennessee and none of them deserve quiet. 

We all deserve more than that. 

Thank you for your time and thoughts.   Please keep Tracy in your prayers.   She is a person of deep faith and they matter. 

Anything helps.   Thank you for that help. 



One thought on “On Tracy ”

  1. Tracy is in my prayers-she is a brave person. Her story is too common in the USA. We have an unjust healthcare delivery system. We can do better. We need your support for a National Health Program. We need a public movement- healthcare providers can’t do this alone. Please join and support Physicians for a National Health Program. Go to http://www.pnhp.org to sign on for the public good and healthcare equity for everyone in America.

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