On being vulnerable… On being strong…. On knowing you matter 

All of us are vulnerable. We all need a resource past ourselves.   Life was never meant to be self-contained.   Sometimes we need to be carried and sometimes we need to carry others.   Both are essential.  Life is as much about what we give as what we get. 

Dont underestimate what you have to give.   It is not the difference that it makes to you but the difference it makes to them that is the true measure.  I know someone who lives in the building I live in who likes to ride the elevator.   He told me once it was the only way he could make sure someone would tell him hello everyday. 

None of us should ever be defined as nothing else other than what we have been.   Everyone should know the verdict is not in.   Life is as much about what has not happened yet as it is about what has happened.   That is the essence of hope.  

Be careful about what you take away from other people.   Some people live in a precarious balance.   We assume things are what they mean to us and they are not. 

Dont close your last door and try your best not to close anybody else’s. 

Celebrate other people’s good news.   By doing so you celebrate yourself. 

There is a courage of small things.   Let others know you see theirs and perhaps it will help you to see your own. 

The question is not how to prove you matter but what to do because you do. 


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