The DMPB 1: The Diagnostic Manual of Patient Behaviors

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This post started off as a joke. It grew out of a conversation with a friend of mine who happens to be a psychiatrist. I told him I really thought that psychiatrists had an informal diagnostic system they used that had as much impact as the DSM, but was largely never talked about and that operated for many psychiatrists even below their level of awareness. He laughed and told me he thought it was a caricature of psychiatry. I told him I hoped so, because I hoped that what I described was not exactly true of anybody. But, I said, humor is never true because of the way it presents the facts, but because of the way it points to the meaning underneath the facts.

So with apologies, with extreme apologies, here is the DMPB 1- The Diagnostic Manual of Patient Behaviors:

“While patients must be diagnosed according to their…

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