On the life of Tracy Foster. You can make a difference…


The post above is from Tracy Foster. It recounts her most recent conversation with Vanderbilt. There is a procedure that might make the pain from the cancer to some degree liveable. Right now that is not possible. The pain is eating her alive and reducing many days to a losing battle with misery.

Cancer knows no legislative session. The failure of the Tennessee state legislature to deal effectively or even honestly with the plight of 280,000 uninsured people over the last years is a mark of shame that future historians and future generations will marvel at. It is an atrocity that simply doesn’t have to be. Tracy is not the only Tracy and she is by no means the only person in Tennessee trying to figure out how to survive today and tomorrow and the days after that. She is not the only person trying to figure out why a state that pays for the insurance of its part time legislators would tell it’s own citizens they cost too much to save.

Tracy needs $2000. If you read her update and read that figure in her update you may have reacted like me. My initial reaction was total helplessness. I don’t have $2000 or enough of that amount to even begin to make a difference. I understand the need but I don’t know what to do. Like many of you it is a stretch right now to take care of me. But like many of you, particularly those of you who have heard her story before, I want to do more than tell her that maybe the legislative session ahead will bring an answer.

I have an idea. But the idea will only work if we all help make it reality.

I am going to send $5. If I have more I will send more but I am going to send $5. I am asking each of you to send a dollar, more if you can, but send a dollar. Commit to sharing this post with at least 3 other people. Ask each of them to send at least a dollar and to share with at least 3 other people and get them to send a dollar. It will work if we work it but only if we work it.

I don’t know if anything I do affects big things but a human life is a big thing and we can help at least this one life.

The state of Tennessee may argue forever about whether or not they can help those in need. As a person of faith I don’t see how we can afford not to.

We can help Tracy. I am asking for your dollar and the dollars of those you know.

Please reach out.

God bless you and thank you for listening.



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