We hold these truths to be self evident

Tell your legislators. Let them know it is more than political convenience. It is not an argument about affording anything. It is the clear recognition that there are some things we can no longer afford to not do.

Hopeworks Community

We hold these truths to be self evident:

The interests of Tennessee are not threatened by the increased health of its citizens.

The increased sickness and rise in unnecessary deaths of any part of the Tennessee population is not in the interests of Tennessee and policy that predictably brings this about makes no financial, social, moral or political sense.

The defense of a policy that does this in the name of some political ideology or interest is political opportunism at its worst.

Any position or set of ideals that can only profit by the increase of suffering of one group of Tennessee citizens by the denial of resources and opportunity available to others is wrong.

The health of one Tennessean is not a threat to the health of another. We are all well served by the health of our neighbors.

The welfare of children are served by the health of…

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