What if health care was a road or a bridge or a power line?

What if health care was part of the infrastructure of this country.?   What if it was an investment we made in ourselves?   What if it was about the common good and the argument was not how can we afford to but how negligent it would be to even consider not doing?   What if we got as morally outraged by someone going without medical care as we do by one of our roads full of potholes?

What if?

Tomorrow I go to Nashville for the annual conference of the Tennessee Health Care Campaign.  

It has been a very long time since the first letter I wrote to Governor Haslam years ago asking him to expand Medicaid.

In one of the early letters I told him :

” Your job description is justice.  I really think it is that simple.  Your job is through your decisions, your leadership and your modeling to give the people of this state the fairest chance availible to live a good and decent life.  Period.  Everything else is gravy.

How can there be justice without healthcare justice?? Where is the justice when some people are disposable??  Where is the justice in a society that treats the less priveliged members of it as though they were burdens and cost too much.  If justice for you, for me, for anyone is purchased with the misfortune of others do any of us have any real justice??  Are not we all diminished??”

What if public policy was about finding the best way possible to be a good people? What if the best legacy we could give our children was the investment we make in each other today?

What if?


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