Keep your promises to yourself.

From 2011

Hopeworks Community

Our values are our promises to ourself.  They are our statement: “This is what it means to be the kind of person I am.”

Too often we fail to keep our promises.  I know I do.  It is not so much a failure of will or courage as it is one of perspective.  When things get difficult we get involved with the details of the situation: how things feel, where it will leave us, threats ahead, feeling overwhelmed and anxious.  We lose the wider perspective of what things are about. 

We talk about good choices but often that only means what feels better or at least less worse.  Better choices and better living may sometimes not be the same thing.  Feeling better and doing better may not be the same thing.

Most of the people I know who are most involved in recovery are very ethically involved.  They see  the…

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